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What You Need To Know About Endodontics

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on studying and treating the dental pulp. Endodontics can perform a variety of procedures including root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is often referred to as endodontic therapy. A root canal is a dental procedure that is reserved for badly infected or decayed teeth.

Root canals are something that many people fear getting. However, a root canal is not anything to fear because it really is not more uncomfortable than getting a regular filling. If you understand the step by step process, then a root canal may not seem so scary. Below is the step by step process involved in getting a root canal:


Your endodontist will check the bones for infection. He will also inspect the size and shape of your tooth’s root canal.

Numbing And Preparation

Your endodontist will prepare your mouth for the root canal by numbing it. He will also keep the tooth dry by placing a dam around it. The next thing that he will do is drill a hole in the tooth. This is very similar to getting a regular filling.

Nerve And Pulp Removal

The nerve and pulp will be removed from the tooth. Any bacteria that inhabited the tooth will be removed also. Your tooth will not be able to cause you any pain at this point.


Your New York endodontist will use files to clean the tooth. The tooth may also be flushed with use sodium hypochlorite or water. The purpose of cleaning the tooth is to remove any leftover bacteria and prevent infections.


After the tooth is cleaned, it will be sealed. However, your endodontist may use medication to treat your tooth and wait a week before he seals it. A temporary crown or filling may be used until the permanent one is ready.

Tooth Restoration

If the damage or decay was extensive, then a crown or other restoration may be used in the place of a filling. These treatments help prevent your tooth from breaking and restore its function. Mild discomfort and inflammation can be alleviated with Advil or Aleve.

Root canals really are not that scary because they actually help alleviate your pain. Additionally, root canals are important because they help save a tooth that may otherwise need to be extracted. If you are in need of a root canal, then you should go to Hudson Valley. Dr. Brian Kardon will be happy to give you a pain free root canal.

Dr. Kardon has been board-certified. He is dedicated to delivering care to his patients in pain and stress-free manner. He completed his dental education at University Of Pennsylvania School Of Dental Medicine. His post-graduate degree in endodontics was completed at Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Kardon’s experience and committment to excellent patient care are what make him a great choice for people who are looking for a New York endodontist.

If you want to contact Hudson Valley Endodontics and make an appointment, then you should call 845-369-1540.

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