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When to Seek the Services of an Endodontist

Root canal therapy is a term that brings shivers to many individuals. In reality, a root canal is an established procedure designed to help preserve a tooth that might otherwise be lost. Dr. Brian Kardon is a Hudson Valley endodontist who should be considered by anyone seeking root canal therapy and by other dentists whose patients may need such specialized care.
A root canal involves the removal of the pulp in the center of a tooth that has been damaged or is otherwise in poor condition, and which itself contains nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. Endodontics is a dental specialty dedicated to this type of treatment. Dentists in the U.S. are required to complete at least two additional years of training before they can practice endodontic therapy. Dentists who lack such training or do not have sufficient experience in the specialty will need someone to whom they can refer patients. Dr. Kardon has a few tips that other dentists should consider before making such a referral.
A dentist should carefully interpret an X-ray to determine the condition of the roots, if more than one, in the affected tooth. Roots that are not easily seen may be difficult to treat. Even the size of the patient’s mouth can affect the ease by which a root canal can be successfully performed. Additionally, the dentist has to consider the psychological state of a patient who may not be able to tolerate a prolonged procedure. In view of these factors, a patient needing root canal therapy may have to be referred to a specialist. Dentists need to maintain contacts with those who specialize in endodontics and should be willing to seek their advice, remembering that what is done must be in the best interests of the patient.
Those receiving treatment from Dr. Kardon at Hudson Valley Endodontics will not find root canal therapy to be the traumatic event that they may have anticipated. Using the latest equipment, Dr. Kardon will provide each patient with a treatment that is painless and does not create the type of anxiety that is often associated with dental procedures. He will work diligently to preserve the functioning of the tooth that is being treated.
Whether they are coming on their own or being referred by other dentists, patients seeking root canal therapy can find the care they need from a Hudson Valley endodontist.

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